On the Road Again…Back to Bali – August 2011

Bali has changed. For those of you who only vaguely recall Bali through the beer goggles and sandy, wet reminder of an all too brief singles break, or just plain hedonist, you can put your mind to rest as Bali is one of the most magical destinations on earth.

For an island that plays host to millions of tourists per year from all denominations, races and cultural influences, its people are able to maintain their Hindu faith and ceremonies, all of which seem to strengthen the character of the Balinese and add to its colourful, shimmering allure.

The main road in Bali’s South East that hugs the shoreline, Jalan Legian, stretches from the hot spots of Tuban and Kuta, which lie a short five minutes from the airport, through to Legian, after which you can find the glitzy and glamorous shops of Seminyak that line the road, Jalan Raya Seminyak. Seminyak is the home of designer items, jewellery, homewares and some interesting local art galleries.

Arriving at my familiar destination of Bali, I disembark at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpassar, and I’m immediately struck by the familiar smells and sounds of Bali, from the cinnamon rolled cigarettes to the warm lingering scent of incense, heat and dust.

The Balinese appear to always be out and about on the road. They carry a vortex of industrial and domestic equipment in a circus like fashion on the back of bicycles, motorbikes and small trucks.

In one passing I saw a Balinese man riding his motorbike, carrying not only a passenger, but an endless supply of goods and live animals that included a spade, a pitchfork, a terrified pig, and a lonely looking chicken. The two men sped along at whatever break-neck pace the traffic would allow at the time.

The traffic ebbs and flows like the temperamental tributaries of a river – until at last they reach a confluence of banked up traffic; cars honking; traffic lights winking (which are duly ignored), and the general hum of life on Balinese roads.

There are endless displays of Balinese ingenuity and ability to make things out of whatever raw materials are available. Witness the bamboo constructions along the main roads from Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpassar, to Kuta, through to Canggu and then along the east coast from the main airport to Candidasa. Bamboo may not be the material of choice for Australian construction sites but it makes for incredible scaffolds on these Balinese sites as they hug the buildings like paper cut-out dolls.

Nestled behind Waterbomb park are our family owned and professionally run luxury 1, 4 & 5 bedroom villas, all with private pools, at Kuta Regency. The villas are part of a secure complex called Kuta Regency:

villa B8 – 4 bedroom

villa B8 A – 1 bedroom

villa B3 – 4 bedroom (ready in November)

There is also a 5 bedroom villa available for those who need an extra room and pool.

Two minutes from the Kuta Regency complex sits Kuta Royal, next door the to Best Western Hotel. Kuta Royal is also a secure complex that houses another of our four bedroom luxury villas with private pool – villa C1.

All our villas are a short five minute stroll to the beach and a host of great air-conditioned shops, market stalls, cafes, restaurants and bars (more details about those in my next update). If you want respite from the bustle and colourful street life of Bali, you can retreat to the quieter back streets of our villas at Kuta Regency and Kuta Royal. Here you have the best of both worlds. Grab a local beer – Bin Tang – from the local supermarket and sit around your private pool in the villa and relax.

The Balinese use ‘rubber time’. Don’t get angry or frustrated or you’ll just create extra grooves in your forehead.  Just learn to laugh A LOT and don’t be in a hurry for anything. You are, after all on holidays.

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